Our cookie policy

This policy details how we use cookies and what you can do to if you do not want us to place cookies onto your computer.

This policy only covers the www.rrp.org.uk website. It does not cover all sites that can be linked to from this site, so you should always be aware when you are moving to another site and read the cookie policy and privacy statement on that site.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device by a website’s server and only that server will be able to retrieve or read the contents of that cookie.

Each cookie is unique to your web browser. It will contain some anonymous information such as a unique identifier and the site name and some digits and numbers.

What do we use cookies for?

We only use the cookies needed by Google analytics to allow us to see how often our website is visited and which parts of our website are being looked at and which are not. This allows us to remove unused areas for example.

We will not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you.

Cookies on our website are not used for advertising purposes.

Turning cookies off

Some people find the idea of a website storing this type of information on their computer or mobile device intrusive.

This website will work without cookies.

If you don’t want to receive cookies, you can modify your browser so that it notifies you when cookies are sent to it or you can refuse cookies altogether. You can also delete cookies that have already been set.

If you wish to restrict or block web browser cookies which are set on your device then you can do this through your browser settings; the Help function within your browser should tell you how.

Alternatively, you may wish to visit www.aboutcookies.org, which contains comprehensive information on how to do this on a wide variety of desktop browsers.

If you have any questions about this cookie policy please email nuth.NMPCE.Air@nhs.net